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Complete Guide To Shopping For College Bedding

Whether it's to add a touch of school pride to a new dorm room or merely to celebrate the alma mater as they try to set new basketball or football records, college bedding with NCAA logos is a great way to opt for colorful, prideful merchandise that is as timeless as the college experience itself. With so many options available, and so many schools offering up their branding marks and mascots for placement within bedding products, it's a good idea to get a handle on the market before purchasing any new collegiate bedding for the home or for a student's dorm.
Get the Complete Bedding Set and Stay Consistent
College bedding is typically offered in separate packages, with buyers being able to purchase just a comforter or duvet cover, or a sheet set, or even a bed skirt. It's a good idea to look for complete sets that offer the whole package together. Many colleges offer comforter sets that come with everything buyers need to redecorate a room or bring a pit of personality to a typical dorm.
Those comforter sets often come with the comforter itself, a pillow sham or two with the logo featured, and coordinating sheets that bring all of the school colors to the bedding set. In some cases, buyers can even find sets that feature a few coordinating accent pillows that will make the set look a bit more upscale and certainly more enthusiastic than those sets without key accessories.
Think Outside the Box: Yes, There are College Logo Snuggies
When most people think about collegiate bedding, they focus primarily on the bed itself. That, after all, is the root word, as any English professor would be quick to point out. The problem with that, though, is that today's fast-paced lifestyle means more and more people are stopping by the couch for a quick nap between classes, meetings, or other errands. Generally, a collegiate comforter is just too big to use on the couch. That's where the Snuggie comes in.
Sure, it might seem like the trademark "as seen on TV" item that will merit a few chuckles from others, but it's hard to deny the convenience of a Snuggie when naptime or TV time takes precedent over daily errands. Go for extra credit during a college bedding purchase and look for the Snuggie that features the school's logo. It might be a bit cliché, but there are few better ways to relax or unwind during particularly cold winter days.
When in Doubt, Accessorize!
As indicated by the availability of college-branded Snuggies, the market for college bedding has long transcended the actual bed itself. Indeed, many schools place their logos on everything from pillows and night lights to curtains and accentuating valances. Depending on just how serious a college sports fan the buyer is, there really is an option for every decorating taste.
When shopping for college bedding for dorm rooms or typical bedrooms, consider making the purchase immersive with perfect accessories that bring school spirit to every part of the room. While some might call it excessive, true fans know that there is simply no statement of pride too big for their taste.
Be Sure Merchandise is Officially Licensed by the NCAA
Because most major universities' logos can be found online and easily duplicated, it's pretty common for college bedding buyers and many others to fall into the trap of purchasing an off-brand, unofficial bedding or apparel product. That might not sound like a big deal, especially if it looks the same as official merchandise. The difference, however, will be evident in the product's quality and overall longevity.
Officially licensed merchandise sold in agreement with the NCAA features higher-quality logos and better materials overall that will last for a longer amount of time. Its overall quality and durability will make any college bedding purchase a sound investment for fans and students alike, and it will ensure that daily wear and tear won't have a lasting effect. Furthermore, it ensures that college logos won't be somehow altered or imperfect, which is often the case with counterfeit products without official licensing agreements.
Especially for Dorm Environments, Know the Bed Size Before Buying
Collegiate bedding is purchased in large amounts for those students who are moving into their first dorm rooms, and it's often given as a gift to celebrate a student's acceptance to the college of their choice. Though this is a great gesture, it's one that can actually be a bit frustrating if the wrong purchase is made.
College bedding is almost always sold in sizes that range from twin to king, but it's also sold in specialty sizes like extra-large twin and longer full-size varieties. These two sizes are especially important in today's dorms and student apartments, as most beds use extra-large twin mattresses to universally accommodate taller students. With a little planning beforehand, unpleasant sheet-stretching on move-in day can be avoided.
Shop Carefully and Cover All Bases
The NCAA has thoroughly embraced the market for officially licensed merchandise, including bedding products that are increasingly popular among students and dedicated fans. With a large number of options available, from comforter sets and accent pillows to night lights and headboards, consumers should be sure to shop carefully and pick out products that will work best in any room or student housing setup.
With careful shopping and attention to detail, the best college-themed room is just a few quick clicks away from becoming an exciting reality.
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