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Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips: Stay Fabulous by Keeping Your Accessories Clean

Silver jewelry that is well cared for will last a very long time. Even after years of wear your pieces can look just as shiny and gorgeous as they did the day you first put them on. The key is following a solid cleaning schedule to make sure that your favorite necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other accessories are tidied up before being put back in the jewelry box.
Tip 1: Don't Mass Wash Your Silver Jewelry
It may be tempting to speed clean your silver jewelry by putting it in with other items. This is not a good idea because it can actually damage delicate surfaces. Scraping and scratching can occur when precious metals come in contact with hard objects, which can permanently disfigure your beautiful accessories. Always wash silver jewelry by itself. Your good sterling silver necklace should not find itself in a bath alongside kitchen utensils and plates.
Tip 2: Prompt Cleaning Gets the Best Results
After a long day at the office our running errands, the last thing you may want to do is clean up the silver bracelet or earrings you wore all day long. The best practice is to get those accessories cleaned and put away as soon as possible. Your jewelry may have come in contact with substances that are salty or acidic which can damage the finish.
Foods are notorious for containing these types of substances, with onions, fruit, eggs, table salt, vinegar and mayonnaise high up on the list. A few drops of juice or grains of salt could have spilled onto your silver jewelry when you weren't looking, so make sure you clean up ASAP to avoid any serious damage or discoloration.
Tip 3: Always Use a Soft Cloth When Buffing
Silver jewelry is made of metal, but that doesn't mean it is indestructible. Actually some items that you may think are very soft or flexible can scratch your good silver. Even something as light as a paper towel can leave a permanent mark if repeatedly rubbed against the exterior. When buffing, make sure you choose a soft, dry cloth. This will create that glorious shine without damaging the flawless finish.
Tip 4: Toothpaste Can Remove Tarnishing
This may come as a surprise, but basic toothpaste can actually clean away tarnishing on silver jewelry. It is important to always use caution when applying anything that isn't made specifically for silver. The toothpaste you choose must be of the very plain, white variety without any fancy extra benefits (like teeth whitening capability). Carefully rub the paste over your silver using back and forth motions. Be very gentle throughout the process and if you see any scratches appear stop immediately and rinse the toothpaste off. Once you are done, simply rinse with warm water and dry with a towel.
Tip 5: Use Air Tight Storage Bags to Protect Silver Jewelry
Many women tuck their silver jewelry away in a box or drawer after cleaning. No matter where you store your accessories, make sure you have each item neatly placed inside an air tight plastic bag. There are small size bags made just for jewelry that usually feature a simple zip-lock style opening.
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